Going For Om

branding / print

Krystina Silva has a lifestyle blog that she was running on WordPress.com for quite some time. She was in need of a brand refresh and updated website. The content that she provides is widely received within her community, so I jumped at the chance of helping her out.

I developed the logo after researching the practice of yoga, and the various postures and icons that represent yoga. I decided on lotus pose because of the way it accentuates the flower in the background. As for the red hair: well, if you ever meet Krystina, you’ll know exactly from where the inspiration came.

This website is the digital space where Krystina can share all of her wonderful thoughts, images, recipes and ideas, without the constraint of WordPress.com. We chose to use a pre-built theme with some customizations, for budget and speed constraints. The blog is stable, beautiful and highly customizable. I am very happy with how everything worked out for the brand, as well as for Krystina.

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